This blog will show you miscellaneous tips. It will include things like beauty, fashion, books, recipes etc. Basically all the things I enjoy doing and feel I can help you with. Just tips and tricks.It will also include just random things that I want to share with you like a article or poem I read somewhere. Even my own work or just about my day. If your not interested then feel free to exit the site.Everybody else enjoy.
Hectic Day
Phew was today a hassle. Hey guys, i decided to talk about my life from now on. Not every day but every now and then. I've been experimenting with make up look lately and i think i like it. I'm not very into make up but I do like doing it, not so much other people because I don't really know what they like and I'm no make up artist. I experiment on my skin and know what looks best on me and not others so it's going to look different on them maybe better and maybe worse. I never volunteer, only if someone asks then I say o.k, my sister is a lot more talented in the art department then me so she's more creative with the make up I'm very into neutrals and smokey eyes. Don't get me wrong i know make up or at least i think i do and i know how to do it and i like it some people might not and some people may like it. Can't please everyone right. Anyway oh yea back to the topic, today was exhausting and i just want to crawl up in bed and sleep but cant because i need to study. Do you ever feel like you need so much but when you stop and think about it you don't need it. You just need it to improve your life but it doesn't improve your life, it doesn't at all so why do we need it? Something that I have been dwelling in for a while. Like these clothes wont make me happy for long i just want it to make me look better, but do i really want to be judged on the outside and not on the inside. Todays my friends birthday and she turned 17 i can't believe she's 17 it seemed only yesterday i was calling her Margaret, even tough thats not her name. That's just my thoughts at the moment and I'll chat with you later. Bye.
Try Something New
Have you been wanting to make a change but don't know where to start, well I can help you.
This month is change month on my blog, so I will be putting up posts on how to improve your life in a series of categories. Remember you don't know how something is until you try it, even though you might think that it's a bad idea or a bad thing for you, you will never know until you try it. Now I'm no expert but this is my mindset and the way i like to do things and the way I think it works bets for me. Just my preferences, things I enjoy and what works for me and my life and who knows it just might work for you. Try reading something new listening to new music etc. Until next time, have a great day.
Book Review
Hey Guys
I'm so sorry that I have been M.I.A lately but i was really busy with life. So today is a review about a book. Confessions of a Shopaholic is an amazing book. It was very different then the movie and there is a whole series which I will be reading shortly. It's about a financial journalist Rebecca Bloomwood living in London,England who has a addiction to shopping and is trying to pay off her credit card debt. Along the way she meets a couple of millionaires who she may or may not fall for. She doesn't give 2 craps about fiancees but has to stick it out for the money. In the end she uses her financial skills to help out some old friends. This book is truly a delight, I finished it in less then a day and it's extremely enticing and very easy to read. You see how she procrastinates and makes something negative into something positive, well at least when it comes to shopping. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a laugh and needs a little sparkle in their life. Until next time, Have a good one.
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